What is the status of my order? I haven’t received any update since the order confirmation.

Your order is being processed and either waiting for the manufacturing process to start or currently being manufactured.

How or when can I access the tracking information for my order?

Tracking details will be generated during shipping preparations. Once your order is in the mail, we will send you the tracking details via email. You will receive a link to the tracking page of Deutsche Post. In most cases they will not provide tracking information for the destination country but you can simply use the tracking ID with the tracking system of the postal service provider in your country.

I would like my cable to be shorter or longer than configurable with the available 0.5m increments.

Just select the nearest cable length value and state the desired length in the comment field on checkout.

I’m not sure how to read the coiled cable configuration. How long will my cable be if I choose [X] and [Z]?

The cable length you select will be the overall length of the cable. For example if you choose 1m length and 20cm coil then the cable will be 1m long and of that 1m, 20cm will be the coil itself.

Is it possible to order a custom cable with options not listed in the configurator?

Send an email and we can discuss your use case.

I’ll be moving soon, how can I change the shipping address for my order?

Send an email and we will update your order accordingly.

When is my DIY Kable Kit ready for shipping?

DIY Kable Kits are shipped once every two weeks.