What we do

Clark Kable gives you the opportunity to build your own unique custom cables for many of your electronical devices that you use every day. The number of available choices might be a bit overwhelming at first but they reflect the mindset of customising ubiquitous devices and making them our own.

Clark Kable manufactures custom cables 100% tailored to your needs.

The beginning

Clark Kable came to life as a small project after I graduated in media studies at Bauhaus-University Weimar in Germany. Before that I occasionally made small batches of custom cables and sold them to other members of the mechanical keyboard community. From the beginning of 2016 to August of the same year this grew and eventually had to evolve into a more refined form. In december 2016 Clark Kable launched and slowly but steadily grows ever since, thanks to mechanical keyboard lovers all over the world.

Custom cables?

Imagine a world where the keyboard you use every day while working on your computer isn't drearily black or beige anymore but can wear all the colored keys that you can dream of. From small accents like turquoise escape keys to whole keysets designed to be looked at in joy. Yes, yes, down that rabbit hole, please. So to complete that wonderful looking keyboard of yours Clark Kable provides matching cables to connect it to your computer.

The details

All cables are carefully handcrafted from high quality materials and tested before they ship to you. Clark Kable aims to provide the best possible experience when ordering, receiving and using custom made cables. During everyday usage you will always recognize your cable by its distinct look. You choose every detail your cable is made of: from the connectors on its ends to the shrink tubing covering them.


Clark Kable offers an expanding wide range of different sleeving materials and colours. You can choose from over 50 different Paracord sleeving colours and two diffent types of plastic meshes as single or double sleeve to put on top of the Paracord sleeve. Paracord is a dense nylon textile that is totally opaque and will make your cable feel soft and elegant. Both Techflex and MDPC-X sleeves make your cable more rigid and will protect it better from external influences. By combining two different sleeving colours you can have a truly unique cable tailored to your personal needs.

Other uses

The use of Clark Kable cables is not restricted to keyboards with detachable cords. You can use them to connect your phone to your computer, power your Raspberry Pi or other devices as well - provided you know which connector you need for that. If you don't, Clark Kable is happy to help you with choosing the appropriate components.

The future

The number of available colour options will increase steadily and apart from that Clark Kable is looking into different cable applications as well as other mechanical keyboard related accessories. Above all Clark Kable will always strive to provide the best customer experience possible.